Prices high to low.

“Supafeather” STILL OUR BEST SELLER - soft but springy foam core, feathers top and bottom,feels even better than feather - never needs plumping up! Indoor use only.

Feather/fibre mix Traditional luxury with extra “oomph”.Indoor only. More

“Supafibre” Like Supafeather, but with  fibre pads,not feather. Ideal for allergy sufferers - looks like Supafeather. Indoor or outdoor use.

Fibre Similar appearance to feather, feels firmer (less luxurious),but lighter - and much cheaper. Indoor or outdoor use.

“Wrinklebuster” Secret Formula foam cushion. 5 layers - 3 different materials. Soft surface,supportive interior. Always springs back and un - crumples its cover.Very popular with customers who visit us Indoor or outdoor use.

Reflex foam - double fibre wrapped. Springy and comfortable, wrapped in two layers of polyester fibre wadding and covered in stockinette - gives a more rounded appearance and an extra layer of softness. (Other suppliers charge  extra for one layer of  wrap, sometimes £20+) Indoor or outdoor use.

“Supaspring” Feels like an old fashioned sprung cushion. Hard surface,bouncy inside.Good for a smart,square looking cushions. Indoor or outdoor use.


Firm foam Basic firm polyurethane foam, tends to be too hard for most people’s taste if over 9 cm thick! Comes wrapped in fibre wadding as standard. O

Best for leather sofas and armchairs

“Supafeather flat" As Supafeather, but feathers on top only. Rounded crown on top, but sits flat on seat. More

“Supafibre flat” As Supafibre but with a fibre pad on the top only More

“Wrinklebuster for leather” As Wrinklebuster, seen earlier in this list, but with a more rounded crown, and a flat, very firm base.


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